Friday 29 March 2019

Importing a vehicle to Croatia from the EU

This process is one of the most talked about issues for people who have recently settled in Croatia.
There is lots of disinformation and outdated information around.
So having just been through the process with 2 motorcycles, I thought I would share with you exactly
what happens and how much it can cost. We imported 2 motorcycles from the UK.
Prices correct at March 2019.
When you consider the higher price of used vehicles in Croatia, the import charges are reasonable
and give you the option to keep your own vehicle.

Waiting at the Customs Building.

Firstly you will need a COC for your vehicle.
This is an EU certificate of conformity which lists the specification of your vehicle.
You should be able to get one from the main agent for your manufacturer in Croatia,
if you cannot find the main agent, ask at your dealer or ask the local car or bike club. You will need to pay for this certificate, the cost varies, but you must have this.
You should then login to the Croatian customs website:
You can use the system without a registered login, but it can be useful to use a login, as you can save and check progress of your request. To login, you will need to use a third party authentication method, various are offered, I have an account with HR Telecom, so I used this. Once logged in, fill out the form for a new request. It is not complicated or difficult. Send the form to the customs office. You can then print out a hard copy which you will also need. There is no charge for this part.

Wait for 2 or 3 working days, then go to the Technical Testing Centre, there is usually one in each large town.
Take your vehicle, your original registration documents for the vehicle from your country, the customs form, your Croatian Visa ID card (you need to have an OIB and be a resident) and the COC document. Take all these documents to the main desk and ask for "Homologacija".
Homologation papers will then be prepared, you will have to wait at least an hour. The fee is 412.50 Kuna.
When you have the homologation papers, take it, with all your other documents, as above, to the Customs building. You will need to ask at the Technical Centre if you do not know where it is. Give all these documents to the customs people and they will know what you are there for once they see them. You will then need to wait outside with your vehicle whilst they check the documents against their system and prepare a bill for the import tax. They may come outside and check your VIN number on the vehicle. They will then give you a racun (bill). You must take this to your bank or a post office and pay the amount shown. Take your receipt back to the customs building, they will then stamp your forms and give them all back to you.

Then go back to the Technical Centre with all of the forms that you have now accumulated.

Present them at the main desk and register for the Technical vehicle test. You will need to pay the fee for the test. This is 127.51 Kuna for a motorcycle. It will be more for a car.

Join the queue if you have a car, or push your motorcycle to the entrance of the technical centre if you have a motorcycle. Wait for the tester to take your vehicle in for testing.

If your vehicle fails, you will be given a form noting the problems. You then have 15 days to rectify any faults and come back for a free re-test.

If you pass, they will put a sticker on your vehicle and give you a pass form.

Take this and all the other forms to the Insurance desk (or buy insurance elsewhere). It is useful to note that no claims discount from overseas can be used to reduce your first insurance premium.

Take your insurance and all the other documents to the main desk. They will prepare your new registration document for you and give you a set of registration plates. Pay the fee, this cost 450 kuna for my motorcycle.

Go back to the insurance desk with your registration document and they will give you a Green Card, this is for insurance outside of Croatia.

You may drive home on your old registration plates, but change them before going out again.

That is it, all done! It is possible to do this in one day, but it will take all day and in some cases, several days.

Costs for a Kawasaki 650 Versys motorcycle, 2009.

1,764.76 Kuna Import tax.
412.50 Kuna Identification fee
127.51 Kuna Technical test
741 Kuna (100 euros) Coc document
450 Kuna Registration fee.
1600 Kuna Insurance

Total: £591.03  5095.77 Kuna

Total cost for a Kawasaki Z1000SX 2012 with Insurance (Import tax was 6200 Kuna): £1126.58 or 9762 Kuna

Larger engines cost a lot more!

Steps in order:

  1. COC document from Kawasaki or other agent. Pay fee.
  2. Login to customs system and send vehicle details to customs.
  3. Technical centre. Take V5C, customs form, Croatian Visa ID card and Coc to desk.
  4. Homologation papers will be prepared. Pay fee. Wait.
  5. Go to Customs building, with all documents including printout of customs online entry form. Wait.
  6. Take tax bill to Post office or bank and pay.
  7. Return to customs house and show receipt. Get all paperwork back.
  8. Go to technical and register for test at desk. Pay fee.
  9. Queue up and get test done. If pass > 10. If fail, repair within 15 days.
  10. Get Insurance at Technical centre. (or elsewhere)
  11. Go to main desk and get registration plate and new Croatian registration document.. Pay fee.
  12. Back to insurance desk and get Green Card.
  13. Fit new plate. All done.