Tuesday 12 February 2019

Exchanging your UK or other EU Driving Licence for a Croatian driving licence

So, we decided it was time to swap our UK driving licences for Croatian licences. The reason for us is that we have been here almost 2 years which is the legal limit and also with Brexit about to throw the Uk out of the UK amidst utter chaos, it seemed like a good idea to do it now rather than later.

The process was remarkably straightforward and inexpensive.

We took out residency cards (Visas) to the local police station in Obrovac where the lady that looks after foreigners saw us. This is the same office that sorted out our 5 year Visas for us.

We handed over our UK licences (having taken photos of both sides before, just in case of an errors) and our Croatian residency visas.

She filled out the form for us, which we signed. We then had to go to the post office with a payment slip (151 Kunas each) to be paid and also to get a 15 Kuna stamp each.

There was some minor confusion as on our UK licences we had various categories for trucks etc. which are provisional entitlements, but once we made it clear that all we required was car and motorcycle entitlement (A and B) this was sorted.

We then took the receipt back to the police station office and she gave us a temporary receipt / licence each.

We now wait for 1 month, then go back and collect our new Croatian driving licenses. Simple and Easy!