Wednesday 19 February 2020

Motorcycle sidecar subframes

As we all know, most modern bikes require some sort of subframe to allow a sidecar to be fitted.
This is a complex area and often, sidecar riders are looking for an easy, off the shelf solution for this.

Unfortunately, this is a rarely realised solution. This is because most sidecar companies are very small, they do not have the capacity or the demand, to build subframes for every model of bike and keep them in stock. Nor do they have the jigs etc, required to build them because they haven't fitted all the bikes that were ever made.

So, when you call the company and they say, "we don't have one, we need your bike for a week or so whilst we build it" that's about par for the course.

In some cases, for a popular bike like Triumph Bonneville for example, they might be able to build you one without your bike. But this doesnt always go well.

Even though bikes are mass produced, often, pre-made subframes don't quite line up when they arrive. Or you have accessories fitted or modifications that prevent it from fitting.

It is of course possible to build your own subframe. If it's a simple subframe, you might not even need to be able to weld, you can bolt sections together.

In the Sidecar Technical Guide, I go into great detail about subframes. How to design them, where the best places are on the bike to fit them, what materials to use etc. Photos and drawings back this all up.

If you aren't able to fabricate yourself, you can often find a fabricator locally, it doesnt need to be a sidecar specialist. Using the information in the Sidecar Technical Guide, you can work with the fabricator to get one made for your bike.

The Sidecar Technical Guide can be found here.

It is available as an eBook directly off my website, or in print at Amazon. (just search Google or Amazon for The Sidecar Technical Guide).

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