Monday 15 April 2019

What is wrong with this picture of Dubrovnik?

One day, far in the distant future, I dream of returning to ancient and beautiful Dubrovnik.
When the overblown TV series has been long forgotten and the hordes of ridiculous fanatical tv fans have left that incredible city, forgotten by the world, and are back on their sofas watching some other mind numbing dross.
I cannot take a single step inside those city walls until those that make the pilgrimage come for the splendour of ancient history and the beauty of the architecture, not purely to take a selfie on what they only view as a stage set for their imagined heroes and heroins.
Proud Dubrovnik has many times repelled invasions but so far has failed to prevail in this modern battle. A true Trojan Horse, the city has opened it's doors and invited them in.

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