Sunday 16 February 2020

Acoustic Memories

Something different today on my 53rd birthday.

38 years ago I was 14 and obsessed with the guitar. I did little else.
Motorcycles hadn't yet appeared in my world aside from the occasional dreaming whilst staring at these unobtainable machines in the local bike shop.

Recently I rediscovered these 4 guitar tracks that I recorded back in 1982.
The music was composed by me, recorded and mixed on a simple four track machine with other sounds and beats provided by a Roland SH101.

I've recorded some fractal video and put them all together in a YouTube playlist.

Some German guy has complained that my 1st track video is his copyright (it's not, it's a free fractal on an open license from Pixabay) so track 1 is currently unavailable while we sort that out with Youtube.

The set is called "Acoustic Memories" and consists of:

Track 01: "The Universe of Her Dreams"
Track 02: "Force of Nature"
Track 03: "Sueno"
Track 04: "El Domino del Desire"

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