Friday 21 February 2020

Motorcycle sidecar books from 3WB

The Sidecar Guide, Sidecar Technical Guide and Sidecar Legal Guide books are the first new books of this type written in many years. Over 800 copies sold.

We all know that there is a wealth of information available on the WWW regarding sidecars, but sometimes it's useful to have all the answers in a handy reference guide. It's also difficult to understand what is good advice and what is not on the internet, with many conflicting pieces of information.

So I decided to write the Sidecar Guides. They are all written by me, from my direct experience of building hundreds of sidecar outfits over many years as Motopodd and subsequently 3 Wheels Better Sidecars. The books are self published, all work inside is my own, I produce my own website and social media for 3WB and do this for the good of the worldwide sidecar community.

Recent reviews on Amazon
Essential reading, the sidecar driver's bible.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 September 2019

This is potentially a lifesaver for the new sidecar driver and certainly a good reminder for experienced drivers. It has tips on what to look for in an outfit. What to avoid in an outfit and much more on the aquisition of your first and subsequent outfits. It busts open a few myths as well with good experience and some logical arguments.
Then there is the learning how to actually drive the beast, not just to get from A to B but how to have fun and really enjoy the new skill of driving something so unusual and quirky. He starts with basic skills progressing on to much more advanced techniques, and explains along the way the science of these very individual and interesting machines.
The important information about setting up and maintaining your outfit is not to be ignored either as again it's not particularly difficult if you look after your motorcycle, but it's different and in very important ways.
I'm so glad I brought this as driving an outfit is very different to riding a solo machine and the question "how hard can it be" is answered "harder if you don't read this, to the point where fatal is a possibility".

Excellent and a very comprehensive introduction to sidecar construction

Reviewed in the United States on 3 February 2020

"The technical guide is a informal but comprehensive manual that introducing fabrication techniques. The author has shared his vast experience as a sidecar builder. Mr. Young explains fabrication techniques that could only be learned by years of experience. The tips he gives are useful in any form of metal work and not just sidecar building. As an iron fabricator myself I gave Mr.. Young's Sidecar Technical Guide 5 stars because of the simple and clear explanations about working with metal and the excellent section on sidecar electricity. The rig set up and problem troubleshooting sections are excellent. You just won't find a lot of the information in the sidecar technical manual anywhere else - both about sidecars and fabrication. His warning about bad design or poor fabrication practices is right on: The first thing that happens is that you crash, the second thing that happens depends on luck. Yet it is true that if you do good work, don't take shortcuts, fix what is obviously wrong, and think things through most anyone should be able to build a sidecar. Three wheels are better than only two."

The Sidecar Guide is for the potential sidecar owner and all existing sidecar owners. This book aims to help you choose a sidecar, guiding you through the process for new or used. It goes on to deliver a full training guide for those people that are new to riding a sidecar or want to improve their skills.

It discusses every aspect of sidecar ownership, from taking a dog in your sidecar, advice for disabled sidecar owners, experiences of new sidecar riders, optional accessories for sidecars, tyres, fittings, leading links and a full section on how to correctly setup your sidecar so that it handles well with light steering and no steering wobble.

The Sidecar Guide has 93 pages filled with original information, pictures and diagram

The Sidecar Technical Guide is for the owner who wants to know more. In detail, it explains how to go about designing and building your own sidecar with full detailed engineering drawings and plans. There is a section on fitting including how to design and build subframes for your motorcycle. Trail reduction and leading links are fully explained along with details on how to build or adapt a set of leading links to fit your motorcycle outfit. Every technical aspect of sidecar outfits is explained in simple to understand language and with plenty of images and diagrams to help.

There is a full section on electrics including how to wire up your sidecar and fit electrical accessories. The Sidecar Technical Guide has 95 pages of information, pictures, plans and diagrams.

**NEW** The Sidecar Legal Guide provides 50 pages of information on the legal aspects of sidecars. It covers driving license rquirements needed to ride a sidecar, when and how to get your license, vehicle registration with the DVLA, sidecar construction and design regulations, MOT testing requirements,insurance and towing.

The Great Britain version is currently available. I will be adding U.S. and Australian versions as soon as they are complete

Together, The Sidecar Guides provide a complete reference for the sidecar owner. Both are suitable for left or right handed sidecar outfits.

The books are on sale now in paperback and PDF e-book format, which can be read on many devices, phone, tablet, some Kindle devices or computer.

These books are fully backed up with an online resource in the shape of a Facebook Group where we help sidecar owners out with their questions. The group is properly moderated, so only accurate information is shared.

3WB The Sidecar Guides Facebook Group

You can also visit our Facebook Page for 3WB Sidecars

You can find out more information and order your paperback copies using the Amazon links on our website, or order the e-books directly. Paperback book orders are fulfilled by Amazon.

You can also just search your countries Amazon site (UK, US, DE, JP, AU, etc) for The Sidecar Guide or The Sidecar Technical Guide.

Ordering information

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The Sidecar Guide

The Sidecar Technical Guide

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The Sidecar Guide

The Sidecar Technical Guide

Two Wheels Good, Three Wheels Better!

Thanks for your interest,

Rod Young 3WB

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